Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance

The Financial Aid Office determines a Cost of Attendance (COA) budget which is an estimate of the educational expenses for an academic year or loan period. It is an estimate of the cost of attending and does not represent the actual cost charged to a student’s account. The budget serves as the foundation for determining the amount of financial assistance that can be offered to you to cover direct costs and living expenses.

When looking at the cost of college and budgeting your funds, there are two types of costs you need to consider: direct costs and indirect costs.

Direct costs are those that must be paid to ֱ to attend (i.e. tuition and fees). Indirect costs are books, living expenses, transportation, miscellaneous expenses, etc. Both cost types are included in the Cost of Attendance budget.

Keep in mind that financial aid offers cannot exceed the total cost of attendance.

The Cost of Attendance budgets for federal aid for 2024-2025:

Practice Doctorate Program:
Class of 2024»
Class of 2025»
Class of 2026»

DNAP Completion Program:
Class of 2025»